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Ruth Learner
Author of Apartment C
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Ruth Learner was born and brought up in London. She moved to Melbourne as a young teenager and has been bouncing between the UK and Australia ever since.  

In Melbourne, she read philosophy, later studying photography and professional writing. She has exhibited photographs in Sydney and New York. After working behind the bar in King Tut's Wah Wah Hut and taking photographs of many of the characters, she was inspired to buy a typewriter and rekindle her passion for writing. She packed and went to London, where she now resides part time.

Her short stories have won prizes and she has also written non-fiction books, catalogue essays and articles on contemporary art for magazines and newspapers.  When not writing, she work as an editor and looks after her daughter.

Ruth Learner states Apartment C “is the distillation of many pages of writing. It encapsulates the fall of a middle aged man - a common story but one that I tell with a forensic eye to his psychological state. The book works in layers of time and place. It moves seamlessly between episodes of Carl (the protagonist's)life, exposing his different identities.  It was not an easy novel to write, but I achieved my end by paring back over and over. My only aim was to move the reader. I just want my novels to resonate in a reader's mind even if they are not consciously thinking about the book, I want it to prey on them long after they have put it down.”


"...the writing was very assured and created a powerful sense of place and atmosphere.... The jumps in the narrative between London and Barcelona, past and present are deftly handled...I found the opening chapters extremely assured and evocative. The two plots - the mysterious political scandal (slightly reminiscent of the David Kelly affair) from which Carl is trying to escape, and the subplot about his complicated relationship with his dead mother - are managed extremely effectively and create real dramatic tension." - Naomi Leon, AP Watt Literary Agents

"...a haunting memorable read, subtle, complex and powerful in its evocation of a man in the midst of personal crisis... Ruth Learner uses dislocation to allow us to see the world more acutely, and her tightly controlled, measured language and finely evoked observations are a pleasure."

- Anne Williams,  The Literary Consultancy

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Apartment C is a psychological suspense novel. "The days at the apartment passed much like the nights..." Carl Halstead, once a celebrated union lawyer, turns fixer for New Labour. Estranged from his wife and friends, he withholds vital information on GM foods, causing a scandal and sabotaging his political career. He flees London for his childhood holiday apartment in Barcelona, a legacy in his mother's Will. Apartment C is alive with childhood ghosts. Escaping the oppressive atmosphere, he begins an affair with a young drifter, Angela. Their cat and mouse games expose Carl to a new recklessness...

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