The Preseli Hills are located in
Pembrokeshire in the South West of Wales and have the reputation of being one of the sources for the legends of Merlin and King Arthur.

The Welsh legends called the Mabinogion, which means Tales of Youth, come from here and it is said that the way into 'Annwn', the Welsh fairyland, can be found here too. Indeed, Pentre Ifan, sometimes called 'The Womb of Cerridwen', which is also built of Preseli Bluestone and located within the Preseli Hills, is said to be one of the main gateways into the realm of Fairy.

These mystical Bluestone jewels were rediscovered on 3rd May 2000 when all the seven inner Planets of the Zodiac were in the sign of Taurus.


Preseli Bluestone: Healing Stone of the Ancestors

New Book by Sue and Simon Lilly

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Legend has it that Merlin transported stones from here to Stonehenge for the construction of Camelot and King Arthur's Round Table. Of the 7 circles that go to make up
Stonehenge , the 5th circle and inner horseshoe are constructed from stones known as 'Bluestones' which originated in the Preseli Hills. Of the 45 remaining stones at Stonehenge, 9 remain standing in the 5th circle and 7 in the horseshoe.

The tradition of building stone circles continues to this day in Wales when the Gorsedd of Bards erect a new stone circle each year for their Eisteddfod

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Preseli Bluestone - The Birthstone of Britain

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